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Feel good knowing your website fees are going to the right place. We donate %10 of the website fees to the fight against cancer. Users who have accessed this website previously will notice that we have not changed our prices since our commitment to donating 10% each month. 

Prompt Websites and the ACC

With the development team and C level executives closely affected by cancer, the Australian Cancer Council (ACC) is a charity we feel very passionately about. With the Prompt Websites / ACC  initiative launched in 2019, our mission is to support those affected by this life changing disease. Join us in the fight for peace. 


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Breakdown of your donation.


After starting your website plan with Prompt Websites, you donation plan is registered through the Australian Cancer Council using the Prompt Websites accounts. This means you subscribe to only the website plan on our packages page and we sort out the rest. Its that simple:

An official automated email will be sent to you from the ACC confirming your subscription, thanking you you for your donation. 

Helping to lessen the impact that various cancers can have on individuals, friends and families is something we can all help with and Prompt Websites makes that step on your behalf, without increasing the prices of our website plans since we launched. Our partnerships benefit clients and patients all over the world suffering with this illness and help to promote our services across the country to reach an even bigger group of clients.