SSL Certificates

What are SSL Certificates?

Ever wondered why some website say “Secure” in the address bar, why some websites have a padlock icon and why some websites have HTTPrather than HTTP? The reason is because SSL Certificates are enabled.

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With the ever present danger of security in today’s online market, website builders need to take security seriously and implement SSL certificates. These help boost a website in Search Engines (such as Google or Bing), it reassures your clients that you are a legitimate organisation and it means that your website is using 2017 technologies.

What do SSL Certificates Do?

With SSL Certificates enable on our servers, all communication from a user’s computer and your website (which sits on our servers) is encrypted.
It also means that a the computer being used by your potential customer, knows that your website is secure and not a fake website.  

What difference does it make?

As potential customers are searching the internet for your goods and services, you are more likely to be at the top of the Google/Bing search results if you have a SSL certified website.
Not only this, but there is less chance that the potential customer will receive any security warnings when they visit your page.
Lastly, if your website accepts information from a user; credit card details, contact information etc, this content is encrypted and even if the data was intercepted, it would appear to the hacker as a scrambled mess.