Website Statistics


Prompt Websites offer superb websites at fantastic rates and below are the statistics to back it up. We have perfected the managed website market so you get a package full of services that you need to do business, not add-on’s that you’ll never use.

Equinix Data Centres 

Choosing only the best infrastructure to host your website, Prompt Websites chooses Equinix to host our web servers. They are exceptionally reliable and have data centres located all across the globe keeping data replicated for some of the largest organisations in Australia. Others that use Equinix include:

> Microsoft Azure

> Telstra

> Amazon AWS

> Apple
> Facebook


Prompt Websites builds reliable websites on the worlds leading infrastructure platforms. Its not the cheapest, but it is the best.



Amazon Backups

As your website begins to gain results, imagine the impact if the website went offline for a few days. For organisations that get a few leads per day, this can be a devastating impact to the business.


Google will also rank you lower if there are issues with the website meaning that you could pay long term consequences for the website being offline. These are all the reasons why managing website backups are so important!


At Prompt Websites we understand how severe this is, so we use Amazon AWS for our backups. Secure and one of the most reliable cloud platforms ever built, you’re website is safe in our hands. 


Price Comparison

One of the biggest challenges Prompt Websites face in raising awareness about some of the competition in the market today that consist of one man bands charging hefty fees for a website. 


Did you know that some web designers will build you a website and once you have paid $4000+ they will send you the raw files by email and not actually publish it in the internet. They “design” but they don’t do any of the other pieces, leaving the business owner far less than impressed.  


Prompt Websites provides a professional standard for our websites and we offer genuine website plans with no hidden tricks or fine print. With honesty being one of our key values, and keeping prices below average, its never been a better time to rely on a trustworthy team to build your website. 

Australian Owned and Run

Ok so we see this stamped everywhere “Australian Owned” and a small minority of Australians believe this to mean quality. However, for website design being “Australian Owned” matters a lot. 


The reason is not because of language barriers, or because we understand Australian businesses better than someone else, it is because each time someone accesses your website, their computer downloads all the content from a server. 


Prompt Websites uses Australian web servers so that the website content is downloaded quickly. This chart shows just how big the difference is compared to a company that uses web servers in the USA or Japan (because they are cheaper).


You might ask yourself “who cares if your websites are 300 ms faster than someone else?”. To answer that simply, Google. Google cares a lot!