Ongoing Website Support


Why should I care about Website Support?
30, 000 websites are hacked every day  (source).

Many businesses take a careless approach to security and very few clients ask the question of security before signing up. Even Website Agencies don't focus on security. A website company in February 2021 recently advised all their customers to begin looking for new website agencies after their databases and all company websites were hacked source.

Security needs to be taken seriously and with ongoing website support, you can sleep easy at night knowing we are looking after every aspect of securing our customers websites. 

Questions About Website Support

Do you make changes to my website for me?

Yes. As long as your plan includes unlimited changes, we will make basic website changes at any point while you are a client of ours. Depending on our workload, it may take several days or more to complete the change. All you need to do is email us the content and a description of what you want changed and we will do it at no extra cost. 

Do you make social media posts for me?

The standard plans we offer do not include social media posts. Because social media posts are best created by subject matter experts (people who know your industry very well), it is normally recommended that the customer posts in social media.

Do I get phone and email support?

Yes, our clients can contact us for any questions, concerns or changes they have relating to their website packages. We are a small team and we cannot always get to your call. If we cannot get to the call within 1 minute, the phone line will prompt you to leave a message. We will respond asap to each voicemail that is left, usually calling you back within a few hours. 

Is my website backed up?

Yes, we backup websites using Amazon AWS. These are securely stored and used in the event that our primary servers are down or we need to restore a website.